Unicorn-Inspired Rainbow Swirl Mooncakes

Counting down to Mid-Autumn festival, about a week and a half away (this year – October 4th, 2017). We had already made the Suzhou Savoury Mooncakes, Traditional Baked Mooncakes (with homemade lotus paste), Snow Skin Coconut Custard Mooncakes (steamed version), Snow Skin Mooncakes (no-cook version – with homemade taro paste) check them out if you have not already. I decided that I should make the Taiwan version. This version is sometimes referred to as Thousand Layer Spiral Mooncakes, it is a Chinese Flaky Pastry. The method is similar to that of the Suzhou Savoury Mooncakes, which requires a water dough and a oil dough.

I opted to make them rainbow coloured as I was inspired by all the Unicorn sweets being made lately, instead of the regular purple swirl – taro paste filling. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’d like to see how they turned out! “#sweetrehabkitchen“.

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Check out tutorial here.


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