Corner 23 Taiwanese Cuisine

Corner 23? Located on the corner of 21st street.. kidding. It’s located on the corner of 23rd Avenue and Cambie Street. As if the name of the restaurant did not give away its’ location. Corner 23 offers a authentic array of Taiwanese food.image

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What to expect:

  • Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine
  • Bubble Tea
  • Late-night
  • Bad Service
  • Great food
  • Tasty
  • Well-priced
  • Cash Only



On the table:
Wan Luan Pork Hock – braised pork feet in a master sauce. The pork feet is not very greasy, and it has deep flavour. The garlic sweet sauce is quite delicious as well.

What is Master Sauce?
In Chinese it is called Lo Sui aka. Old water. In restaurants, once the sauce is made, it is never replaced and only replenished. The juices from the meat are cooked in the sauce, gets replenished and then spices are readded to the same sauce. Some restaurants are said to have used the same master sauce for more than 75 years. It is believed that this sauce tastes better with age. This sauce an last indefinitely when due care is taken.


Braised pork sauce with egg on Rice (Lo Rou Fan) – braised pork belly with a marinaded egg, preserved cabbage on rice. Hands down the best meat sauce on rice in Vancouver. The meld of flavours are delicious. The cinnamon really stands out. I’ve been told that this restaurant makes this dish the closest to what you would expect back in Taiwan. Highly recommended!


Seasonal Vegetable with Minced Pork Sauce on Rice – minced meat on vegetables. So delicious. The fried onions really stand out in the flavour of the fried meat sauce.

Can’t say much for the service. It is what it is. Awful. On the other hand, the food is exceptional. It almost makes you look over the service…Almost. For myself, just to save myself the frustrations, I get take out. Happy Eating!

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