Miku Restaurant

Miku Restaurant on UrbanspoonDSCN1345Miku is a upscale and chic Japanese restaurant. Miku is known for being the first restaurant to serve up Aburi style sushi. It is a method that was developed nearly a century ago in Japan. When Seigo Nakamura came here from Japan in 2008 to open Miku, it was the first to serve Aburi sushi in North America. This innovative method of lightly scorching the sushi with a flame enhances the natural flavors of the fish. You won’t be needing any soy sauce or wasabi with any of their items.

My first visit to Miku was in December 2011 for my birthday. When I walked in, the place was quite dim, but was lit with blue and pink lighting. The interior is quite open, with floor to ceiling windows allowing for the starry night sky to be visible.

Due to the lighting, I refrained from using flash in my photos in fear of bothering the other guests, so my photos may be a bit dark

DSCN1350 DSCN1348 DSCN1351DSCN1355

Ebi Fritters – beer-battered tiger prawns, chili cream sauce (also known as Ebi Mayo)

DSCN1358Aburi Kamo: red miso cured duck breast


Crunchy Scallop Roll: scallop roll with aonori tempura bits


King Roll: shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, flying fish roe, chili cream sauce


Aburi Scallop and Aburi Salmon


Red Wave Roll: Crab, Avocado, Wrapped in red tuna, Masatake sauce



Aburi Ebi

It was a amazing meal. Miku is a beautiful restaurant. Chic decor and chic plating. Miku was no disappointment. It was everything it was supposed to be. I’m looking forward to checking out their sister restaurant Minami in Yaletown.

Have you been to Miku? Let me know your experience!

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