Wandering Tummy in Maui: Aloha Mixed Plate

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On our first night in Hawaii I really wanted to try a taste of local Hawaiian food. Of course I used urbanspoon to check out the restaurants in Lahaina and found Aloha Mixed Plate. I noticed that it had pretty decent ratings and at affordable rates.
imageAloha mixed plate is located on Front Street in Lahaina. We arrived at 9pm thinking that we’d get a seat immediately. Boy were we wrong. There was a 45 minute wait for our seats! After putting our name on the waiting list, we decided to take the time to explore Lahaina Cannery Mall just across the street from Aloha Mixed Plate. After about 15 minutes, we wandered back to the bench in front of Aloha Mixed Plate to wait for our seats.

imageThe service was ok, nothing exceptional. The seating was on a open patio with yellow and green themed decor. It was a casual atmosphere and very unpretentious. There were tiki torch lamps and outdoor LED lights all around the venue providing the patrons a amber glow in the atmosphere. image

Loco Moco! A traditional Hawaiian meal. Similar to a hamburg steak in Japanese cuisine. It is white rice topped with a hamburger patty, sunny-side up egg, and gravy.
Beach Side Mixed Plate Teriyaki Chicken, Kalbi Ribs, Teriyaki Beef on rice. Japanese Korean BBQ plate.
Poi is a polynesian stable. Taro paste like sauce

I found the food quite average. There was nothing exceptional about Aloha. However, it was good decent prices for large plate of food. Expect $10 for a plate of rice and meat. Even though the food was well priced, the food was average. I would not return here. This place was a miss for me.
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