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Leoda’s is casual style restaurant located just on the Honoapi’ilani Highway in Lahaina. We first encountered the restaurant when we were driving from Lahaina to Kihei. I spotted it on the side of the road next to a fruit juice stand. It’s located in the small roadside village called Olowalu. You wouldn’t miss it. It’s a small farmhouse shaped restaurant. As well, there was a sign labeled “Leoda’s blah blah — PIE” — that is all that was needed to get me turning left on a highway to this roadside restaurant. Who doesn’t love pie?

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Leoda’s not only serves pies, but they also have hand-crafted sandwiches, salads, baked goodies. Just some of the pies to rave about include: apple crumb, banana cream pie, macnut choc praline, coconut cream.. and that’s only the sweet pies. They also have delicious savoury pies. Yes! You got it. Chicken pot pie and a Meat n’ Potatoes Pie (AKA Shepherd’s Pie)

Soggy fries with Garlic Aioli – I recommend not ordering this
Chicken Pot Pie – tender chicken breast, veloute, peas ‘n carrots, kale — remixing a classic
Coconut Cream Pie – so delicious!!!!!!!


Using Maui’s freshest ingredients, Leoda’s takes classic traditional favourites and remixes them with a unique approach.

The food was delicious! It is a MUST to check out Leoda’s Kitchen and PIE shop when you are in Maui. Chicken Pot Pie and the Coconut Cream Pie were my favourites. Did you get a chance to check this place out on your trip to Maui? What did you think?

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