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Nicola Q

Sweet Rehab is a recipe blog written by myself Nicola. In it's life of 8 years we've had many breaks and pauses, as well as evolving from a foodie eating blog, to cake selling, to now a simple recipe blog. I'm more than likely going to skip a intro and go right to the recipe.  I do on occasion try to film instructional food videos but filming during the day when the kids are up is impossible for that peaceful sound (don't even suggest doing it when they sleep, i'll never have rest time.. lol). 

We are currently home cooking and attempting create cooking videos for everyone. Our recipes vary from what is easy and what mommy can whip up quickly, but most often it'll be noodles of some sort or something that can easily feed our family of four! So this isn't your beautifully plated food but ugly delicious as David Chang would say! Enjoy!

<<INSERT PROFILE PHOTO HERE. I know. I need to get around to snapping one with a tripod but quarantine life and mommy life I look like how you would imagine.

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