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How I Break Apart a Fresh Crab with my Bare Hands

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

So, it has been quite a while since the last blog post. Things have been busy the past year with a new baby and I just haven’t found the time to document my cooking adventures. But I will try my best to post more often in the future. Future posts will probably follow a different layout than previous ones as I am trying to find a way to make it easier to post frequently.

Dungeness crab

This tasty crustacean is readily available around Vancouver. Crab is actually one of my quick recipes to make at home. Breaking it apart takes less than 3 minutes, prepping and cooking, is about 15 minutes. A simple crab dinner is only about 20 minutes away. But first, I thought I’d share a video on how I savagely break apart a fresh crab with my bare hands and without any tools. But before you start, make sure to give your crab a bath by rinsing and scrubbing the exterior shell with a sponge or brush, then humanely kill the crab.

How to Humanely Kill a Crab: At home, the most humane method is to lower the body temperature. Do this by placing the crab in the freezer for an hour or two to make the crab lethargic and asleep. Then proceed to cook or prepare it.



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